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Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


What are the Ergonomic chair specifications?

What is an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs are not just a part of the fancy office furniture, but, are intended to make the workers more comfortable and effective in their work.  A chair is termed as ergonomic only when it is designed specifically as per the employee’s body proportions, the workstation and the work to be done there.

Why is it important to find an ergonomic chair?

In the technologically advanced world that we stay in today, one spends more time sitting when they are awake.  Be it at home while watching television, eating your meals or in school or while travelling or at work, in meetings, we sit. Though sitting may require less physical exertion than standing or walking, it may be stressful on the lumbar region, thus leading to health problems.

Ergonomic chair specificationsBasic points to note, while buying an ergonomic chair:

1.    The chair varies according to varied body proportions.

2.    The best seat height needs to be one-fourth of the body height.

3.    The design of the chair highly depends on the nature of the work.

4.    A proper note of maintenance and general repairing/inspection costs needs to be done.

What are the general Ergonomic chair specifications?

•    Flexibility: The height of the chair should be adjustable. It should provide comfort to your hip and backsides.

•    Seat height adjustment: The height of the seat should be adjusted according to the height of the workers who would be using it. For very short or very tall people, different chairs must be selected. It is necessary that you are seated comfortably on the chair with your feet flat on the ground and legs folded in a geometrical right angle.

•    Backrest: The backrest should be modifiable vertically as well as in the front and back direction and gives appropriate support. It should support the shape of your spinal cord and thus supporting your lower back. While it needs to be high to support the shoulders and neck areas, it should be flexible enough to allow you free movement.

•    Seat depth: The seat need to be selected in such ways that even the tallest and the shortest person is able to sit properly.

•    Headrest: The headrest supports your head when you are sitting in a stretched out position and is very useful for people who spend more time speaking on the phone than typing on the computer.

•    Stability:  The chair needs to be stable.

•    Additional features: Features like, adjustable armrests are good for computer operators. An armrest supports the hands and allows the shoulders to remain in a comfortable position.

•    Moreover, it is very important that the person who would be using the chair must try out the chair himself/herself.

In the end, one must remember that using the above ergonomic chair specifications, the user can sit comfortably and balance him to an appropriate position. For absolute effectiveness, it is also necessary that all the other elements in a workplace like, footrest, file holders, drawers etc. need to be adjusted to fit in properly.


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