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Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


What are the basic criteria of a good ergonomic chair for a large person?

Most of the people spend the majority of their time sitting on the chairs in their office. Even the best chairs in terms of comfort result in the stress of the spinal cord. It is very important indeed to avoid the problems related to the back or the injury caused due to the repetitive motion. Hence it is pretty important to own a chair, which doesn’t only provide comfort but also helps to keep your body fit. This particular plan is of more importance when it comes to selecting a chair for using at office for a tall and big person.

ergonomic chair for a large personThe ergonomic chairs support the backbone & help to maintain a good posture. Because of the amount of attention placed on the ergonomics there has been vast availability of the ergonomic chairs of various types depending on the physique, size and shape of the people. It can be easily estimated that nothing is perfect hence no chair has the perfect advantages. Yet, the ergonomic chairs are designed in special manners in order to provide the users their desired feeling as well as advantages.

When it comes to the usage by a person who is large in size, it is very important to have the options that are adjustable in the office chair. The chair must be able of getting adjusted for fitting your needs & not vice versa. A moderate ergonomic chair must have the features such as the following;

Height of the seat

The big & tall chairs for office must have seats that are easily adjustable to the desired height. The best remedy for your body is having the feet on the floors in a flat manner while keeping the thighs in the horizontal direction towards the desk. A person with an average height and weight might need a chair with a space of 16 – 21 inches, while the measurement required would be greater in the case of a bigger and taller person.

The width & depth of the seat

An average person would require a width of about 17 – 20 inches, while the same criteria might differ again when it comes to choose a chair for a bigger & larger person. It is important to know how much space you will need to be comfortable with the base of your office chair. It will be ideal for your back to be fit into the space even after leaving about 2 – 4 inches in between knee back & the chair’s seat.

The Lumbar support

Supporting the back lower portion is much important. An inward curve of the spine needs some support while sitting for quite a huge number of times. It is therefore, quite obvious that the chairs that are designed with full potentiality often serves the basic needs of the user’s health.


A width of about 12 – 19 inches is needed on an average for resting the back portion of our body. It is also the area which differs with the size of the user. Therefore, while buying the ergonomic chair for a large person, this particular concept of backrest should be kept in mind.

Once these criteria are looked for, you can be able to get hold of the best ergonomic chairs for large persons available in the market.


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