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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


The Importance of Ergonomic Chair Position

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that nowadays people are spending a lot of tie sitting in their offices and carrying out their regular work on their computer workstations. It is only because of this reason that it has become very important for people to practice ergonomics and at the same time try and keep proper positioning all throughout the day. Ergonomics are considered to be very important for healthy back, neck and body especially for the people who work on the computer for long hours. When an individual sits on the chair that he or she uses in the office, it becomes very important for that particular individual to adjust the ergonomic chair in the proper position in order to avoid any complications of health. There is a very simple checklist that has to be followed in setting up motions of the ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic Chair PositionProper Posture

First of all it is very important for an individual to have the basic idea about the correct ergonomic posture so that an individual is able to have the knowledge about the positioning of the spine.  Proper and correct ergonomic posture is considered to be very important for the health of various parts of the entire body and this posture should be kept throughout the day while doing various tasks.

Proper Elbow Placement

Trying to maintain proper ergonomic chair position should be started by checking with the elbow placement. The elbows should comfortably rest above or at the workstation. Proper height can be achieved by carrying out a variation of the height of the keyboard tray and also be making use of adjustable seat height for achieving the correct elbow placement. This is one feature that is considered to be very important while using an ergonomic chair and it goes specially for those who work at the computer for long hours.

Checking the Backrest

The next important step that should be followed in ergonomic chair position is checking the backrest that involves checking the upper legs and the torso. An upright position while sitting on an ergonomic chair is not considered to be the correct position but a slightly angled position is the position that is considered to be the best ergonomic chair position. A real ergonomic chair position would always feature tilt mechanism along with locking positions that help the user in keeping a perfect posture of the chair and also his or her sitting all the time.

Feet Placement

The feet should always rest on the floor. If the foot is not able to reach the floor, then it becomes important to make use of a footrest for keeping the feet flat on the floor. The upper and the lower arms should be at an angle of 90 to 120 degrees and this can be accomplished by either moving the ergonomic chair away from the workstation or closer to the workstation.


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