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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


The Benefits Served by Ergonomic Chair Kneeling

Ergonomic kneeling chairs were invented in the year 1970 by Hans Christian Mengshoel from Norway. The main idea behind the invention of ergonomic kneeling chairs was of creating a very exclusive sitting experience by way of bringing about an expansion in the angle that lies between the legs and the torso which would help in relieving pressure exerted on buttocks and at the same time it would also provide more space to the muscles of the hips and the hips themselves. An ergonomic kneeling chair allows the spine to get hold of a very comfortable vertical sitting posture because of the fact that the spine stacks vertically automatically without putting in much effort and this is because of the stability of the muscles of the lumbar spine, obliques and the abdomen. It is only for the achievement of this sitting position that ergonomic kneeling chairs were designed as they helped the knees in dropping down to an angle of about 20 to 30 degrees while the chins were found resting on a certain padded support.

Ergonomic Chair KneelingFeatures of an Ergonomic Chair Kneeling

An ergonomic kneeling chair works by imitating kneeling postures like that of praying position where the shins and the knees are kept on the floor along with certain small differences. Quite contrary to major beliefs, the basic angle of sitting pad in the ergonomic kneeling chair is not at all meant for encouraging any sort of forward leaning. If the side profile of a person seated on an ergonomic kneeling chair is noticed then it would be found that the basic angle lying between the torso and the thighs is more than 90 degrees. The main objective is increasing the seat angle and at the same time allowing the vertical extension of the spine. This is a posture that helps in less compression of the critically painful muscles like psoas muscles and hip flexors.

The Advantages of Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

There are a large number of advantages served by ergonomic kneeling chairs. Most of the normal chairs that are used for sitting are generally found supporting an angle of 90 degrees and sitting in this position for a very long time can result in compression in hip flexors with time and this condition can even lead to the tilting of the pelvic bowl. This can directly result in pain of the lower back which is very natural with chair-based sitting. This danger is completely alleviated by the use of ergonomic kneeling chairs that have a very important role to play in relaxing the compression of hip flexors. Ergonomic kneeling chairs are also considered to be best for the preservation of spinal health. These chairs angle the entire seating arrangement downwards which involves less engagement of the core muscles that are required for keeping the spine straight. Additionally, a very small portion of the weight of the body is found to be supported by shins and this allows for the relaxation of the spine because of the fact that the spine has to go through less gravitational burden.


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