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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


Ergonomic chair for office: Simple Guidelines for selecting them

The number of hours people spend in their workplace is more then what they spend in their home. Technology is being used in a vast scale in our daily life and this involves making several repetitive actions. Most people by the end of their working day are visited by back pain and soreness in their body. But this can be removed by investing in an Ergonomic chair for office. These chairs are designed to bring in comfort to the office employees and ease out any discomfort of pain. How do you select these chairs is a question which most first timers ask? We have analyzed a few factors for your convenience and have explained them below.

Ergonomic chair for officeWho would be using the chair?

The best thing about an Ergonomic chair for office is that it can be customized according to the user’s requirement. Before you select the chair you have to understand who would be using the chair. If you are using the chair you have to understand what are the features that you want in this chair and select one which is appropriate for your body and your requirements.

Is the chair adjustable?

Most Ergonomic chairs can be adjusted in their height but can the cushion be adjusted to tilt a little. Also when selecting these chairs you have to keep in mind that throughout the day you would not be sitting in the same sitting posture and as the day progresses your back you need a little support. Here you also need to check whether back cushions can be tilted in different ways so that your back receives good support when you work for long hours.

Another important feature that you need to understand is the arm resting area adjustable. This feature would allow you to sit in various comfortable positions thru the day and also keep the chair away from the desk when you want to stretch your legs.

What is the price of these chairs?

Here you would need to ask yourself how important is comfort to you and how much can you spend? Ergonomic chairs can cost from $100 to a few thousand dollars depending on the brand and the features that the chair offers.  What you need to do here is make a list of your priorities and understand the cost of these chairs when you study them during your internet research. Once you get a basic idea you can buy a chair which is moderately priced and also offers great comfort features.

Understanding the features of Ergonomic chair?

The design of one ergonomic chair varies from another. You have to understand when selecting the chair what comfort feature is important for you. Also you should understand the measurement of your seating cushion and back cushion. This would ensure that you enjoy great hours in the office doing productive work and banish your back pain forever.


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