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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


Ergonomic chair features: Educate Yourself Regarding It in the Next Few Minutes

Wojciech Jastrzebowski is the Polish biologist who is responsible for introducing the word ergonomics to the world in 1857. Ergonomics is derived from two Greek words which are “Ergon” meaning work and “Nomos” meaning natural laws. However the credit of designing the first ergonomic chair goes to Wilfred Dauphin in 1968. This simple chair allowed users to adjust the height and their back seat as per their requirements of comfort.  These chairs first become popular in Germany and then spread all over the world.

Ergonomic chair featuresWhat are the basic features of an ergonomic chair?

As work life became more hectic people started suffering from bad body circulation and back pains, since they had to spend considerable hours working in office. Employees soon understood this problem and started using ergonomic chairs to help them work better in the office. The basic Ergonomic chair features are:

1.    You should be able to adjust the height of your office chair

Like the different colors of the rainbow, people working in an office have different heights. When you use a good ergonomic chair you should be able to adjust the height settings as per your requirement. If you are tall you should adjust the chair to give you comfortable space and if you are short you should be able to reduce the extra empty space and work comfortably. The height of the chair should be adjusted in such a way so that the feet should touch the floor when you are sitting and working on it. The height adjustment can be done by using swivels or pneumatic systems.

2.    The seat depth can be adjusted

The second essential Ergonomic chair features would include a simple facility to adjust the seat depth of your chair. This adjustment can be done by using a backrest knob which would help you to tilt the backrest or move it forward as per your requirement. Some ergonomic chairs also have the feature of using a sliding seat pan. If you are short you can decrease the depth of the chair. On the other hand if you are very taller you can increase the depth of the chair. Both these options would make the individual comfortable when they sit on the chair and work for long durations.

3.    The Backrest of the chair can be adjusted

When you are sitting in an ergonomic chair in your office throughout the day, you observe many sitting positions. These positions would need your chair to tilt your backrest angle in many ways. Therefore your chair should allow these adjustments. One benefit that you would enjoy is the stress and weight of your body would not be affecting one area only but can be transferred from lower back area to upper back area.

4.    Adjusting armrest

When you are working in your computer for long hours, your arms is positioned in the arm rest area. Here it becomes essential that the chair you use gives you the freedom to enjoy adjusting your arm rest area. This would loosen the pressure from the chair and help you to feel more comfortable. The armrest adjusting can also be done when you are typing in high speed for long durations.


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