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Published on May 17th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


Ergonomic chair Brands: How do you find the popular brand in the market?

Ergonomic chair has become an essential part of your office. When using these chairs you can enjoy the comforts of working long hours and not suffering from any back pain or fatigue. Today there are many Ergonomic chair Brands but how do you know which one is popular and then select your chair from it.

Does your selected brand offer height adjustments?

The growing popularity of ergonomic chair lies in the simple fact that this chair is designed to meet the unique requirements of your body. Thus if you are petite you should be able to adjust the height of your chair to your petite height level. The popular brand of chair that you use should have adjustments features of pneumatic heights. This feature is unique as the height of the chair gets adjusted once you sit in the ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic chair BrandsAdjusting your seat cushions according to your requirements

Most ergonomic chairs have seat cushions which are an inch wider than the width of its user.  If you are heavy then your chair should be able to accommodate your weight and not provide unnecessary pressure in the lower back pain and knee areas.

What is the depth of your seat cushion?

When selecting an ergonomic chair for yourself and checking the popular Ergonomic chair Brands one has to keep in mind whether the depth of the seat can be adjusted also. The best chair for you would be one which would help you to sit comfortably in the seat cushion and the lumber curve of the chair should fit in your back comfortably. The adjustments in the seat can be done using two methods which are:

1.    You can use the seat slider which would help you to adjust your seat sittings when you are sitting on it.

2.    The second adjustment is the back depth knob which helps you to tilt the chair to a comfortable position as per your requirement.

What kind of mechanism does your ergonomic chair have?

When looking into the various brands of ergonomic chairs you have to understand the mechanisms of these chairs. You can have three basic mechanisms which are:

1.    Chairs which have multiple options

This ergonomic chair has features which can be adjusted in various ways like you can have the tilt you want and also adjust the seat height level. Popular chair brands using these mechanisms are Bodybilt- J3507 and NPS800 from Neutral Posture.

2.    Chairs with Synchronized-Tilt Mechanism

In this type of mechanism the back and the seat adjustments are linked together. Therefore when you adjust one setting, the second also gets adjusted accordingly. Chairs with these mechanisms have their limitation but are comfortable. Popular chair brands are Raynor Ergohuman and Allseating Cpod Chair.

3.    Chairs with Dynamic Mechanism

This is the simplest form of mechanism available in Ergonomic chair. The simple principle used is as you tilt the chair the seat would move forward and go down. They do not offer any tension adjustment and a popular brand in this category is Freedom Chair from Humanscale.


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