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Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Carlos Barreira


Ergonomic chair Accessories: Understanding the Basics of Arm Rests & Keyboard

When visiting a new furniture showroom you came across many brands of ergonomic chairs. What does the word ergonomic mean? Ergonomic designed office chairs are created to minimize the levels of discomfort and stress most office employee’s face when they sit in ordinary chairs for long durations. When you have a poor sitting posture you would suffer from back pain, poor blood circulation and acute fatigues. These chairs would remove these problems and you can work better for longer durations in your home.  Apart from these chairs they are also various Ergonomic chair Accessories available in the market today.

Popular Accessories of Ergonomic Chairs

1.    Adjustable arm rest covers

Ergonomic chair AccessoriesAn armrest is “T” shaped and this feature is present in most ergonomic chairs. These armrests enjoy adjustments in heights and are made from material like polyurethane. But if you are looking for an ergonomic feature then this armrest would be filled with gel.  These armrests with gel covers are comfortable and protect the funny bone which sometimes faces discomfort when placed in hard surface areas for long durations.  When you buy this popular Ergonomic chair Accessories you would enjoy these features which are:

•    The total arm rest would be filed with gel.

•    These arm rests fit the size of most ergonomic chairs.

•    They are very comfortable for people working in computers for long durations.

•    You would enjoy great work output.

2.    Micro-Mini Keyboard

If you are travelling you do not have to carry your heavy keyboard around. However you can invest in an ergonomic designed micro-mini keyboard which can be fitted into any computer.  When using this keyboard you have the option to use it on different applications as per your convenience. This small mini magical keyboard can be used by holding it in one hand and using your thumbs to type in whatever you want.  The basic features it enjoys are:

•    It has around 56 keys.

•    There are function keys like Num Lock.

•    This keyboard does not get affected with magnet.

•    It is small and easy to carry. Very portable.

•    Encourages better usage of space in a small office as it requires minimum space.

•    It has a USB port.

•    The keyboard weighs around 116 grams.

3.    Foot Machine

When you sit in a chair to complete a pending for long hours you would sense that your foot becomes sore. An essential ergonomic chair accessory would be a foot machine. This foot machine rests your feet when you work hard and also gently rocks it. This simple action increases the blood circulation in the area and also prevents soreness and stress in the lower back area. The basic features are:

•    You can adjust the height of these foot machines according to your height.

•    It has rubber feet to protect the flooring.

•    It is made of solid wood with steel frame.

•    Enjoys warranty for a lifetime.


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